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Real name Daniel Geary
Aliases Rep
Birthday September 9, 2001
Nationality British

"You know you're good friends when you have to clean up after your drunk friend."

Reptilious (also known as Rep) is a (future) Patreon supporter of TVRS and a close friend of Protostar. He is from Portsmouth, UK.

Name origin

The name Reptilious was something he coined as he used to keep reptiles. He worked in a reptile shop for a short time awhile ago and then got some reptiles of his own. He has two butterfly agamas called Spyro and Tracer. He then had a leopard gecko called Lara and a bearded dragon called Mana. His friends would call him a crazy reptile person and then came up with the name Reptilious one day when he was wanting to change his online name. He is known as Reptilious both online and in real life as he rides a motorbike with his social media all over it. He is known in the local biking community as Rep as well. He also does automotive photography.


Meeting Protostar

Back in September 2018, he was looking for a new Destiny 2 clan as the Forsaken DLC expansion pack was going to drop. He had been following Protostar (also known as Alex) on Twitter due to him being a Discord mod on a server he was on a lot. I hadn’t really heard his music and didn’t know much about him at all. He added him on Discord and joined his Discord server, Protopia. After speaking with him for some time, he got introduced into his friend group and basically became friends with everyone else in the group.

Rep became apart of the group and played games with them daily. He ended up becoming close friends over the next year and a half and when he first started hanging out with him, he was working in a VR arcade. He was one of the first people to be employed by the company as the IT technician for them, and he built their computer systems and set up all the VR headsets. There were at least thirty HTC Vive Pros at the time and they all linked to one streaming system that allowed them to remote control the VR headsets.

Rep was given a free regular Vive to take home and mess around with but he ended up selling it to Alex back in late 2018. This was how he got into VR. He first met Alex in person at Monstercat London 2019 as he was playing a gig and ended up meeting some other friends in the Discord group as they went with him. They ended up going backstage as well and that was when he first ever met Alex and some of the other mates in the group.

The Incident

A week before the show, he had a motorbike crash and broke his arm and didn’t plan on going to the show. But he ended up going into the crowd with a broken arm. When meeting during New Years Eve 2019, what followed was a drunken story known as the Incident. Their Discord friend group had got back from watching the fireworks in London. They had been drinking alcohol, and had just returned to their Air BnB to play Cards Against Humanity. This was Rep's first time drinking which was a mix of vodka and coke.

Rep was getting a little carried away with drinking, but was still asking Protostar for more. So Protostar gave him regular coke without any vodka mixed in. However, Protostar still claimed there was vodka in it to Rep while secretly informing everyone else in the group that there was not actually any in it. Thus, Rep was able to keep drinking without getting more drunk than intended.

Due to limited bed space in the Air BnB, there were limited beds. Protostar had shared a bed with Rep that night. Rep had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but had gotten confused about the layout of the room. The location of the door to the restroom was opposite to the Air BnB room. Thus, when Rep gotten up, he had stepped on top of Proto, then walked around the bed attempting to find his way. But rather than finding the toilet, he instead went to urinate on the floor. Protostar would need to mop out the urine with tissue paper and wash it to avoid losing their deposit.

In the morning, everyone else wondered why there was a belt on the toilet. Rep was completely unaware of the incident the entire time, not believing it at first even after Protostar had told him about it. It would occasionally be brought up multiple times over the next few months. During PHIA's winter-themed VRChat stream, the entire story was recounted.

Meeting PHIA

Rep first met PHIA on April 1st as the Discord group raided PHIA's stream and donated with spam messages that would say “Proto mate” repeatedly. She was playing Animal Crossing at the time.


In the lore, Reptilious is the evil stepson.


  • His favorite artist is Feed Me.
  • His favorite song by Protostar is Isolation.
  • Use to work at a VR arcade in Portsmouth UK and then became a IT technician.
  • According to Protostar, Rep will never finish Rep Tower.
  • In the PHIA Discord server, Rep has the unique role titled "Trynna Steal PHIA's Man".