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The Subathon is a stream that took place on November 7, 2020 to celebrate PHIA achieving Twitch partner status. A total of 451 subs were gifted.

Goals achieved

  • Chat Chooses PHIA's outfit - The Second Sky Hoodie was chosen.
  • Must end all sentences with "Bro" for 1 hour
  • 3 rounds of Among Us with gifters
  • Down 3 water bottles and hold for 30 minutes
  • Commission emote of chat's choice - The PHIA headpat emote was commissioned
  • TVRS Kahoot
  • PHIA watches the Peeop video
  • Chat chooses PHIA's tweet - PHIA tweeted about having an OnlyFans account with a link actually leading to a rickroll.
  • Speak in fake Russian accent
  • VRChat after party
  • Ship art commission
  • Improv storytime
  • Jackbox with gifters
  • Referring to Protostar as senpai
  • Singing all sentences
  • ASMR stream