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The Virtual Reality Show
TVRS Logo Stroke.png
The current logo, designed by Lumi
Years Active 2020 - present
Start Date February 17, 2020
"Hey guys, and welcome back to The Virtual Reality Show where we talk about any and all things related to virtual reality inside...virtual reality! I'm your host, PHIA!"
―Opening catchphrase of TVRS

The Virtual Reality Show (abbreviated as TVRS) is a web series created by Sophia Bollinger, also known as PHIA. The channel specializes in teaching its viewers about virtual reality, while the host, herself, is in virtual reality. The primary format of delivery is through YouTube while also providing virtual reality and gaming streams on Twitch.

A typical episode takes place within either VirtualCast or VRChat. PHIA speaks to the viewers via a PHIA model, a character that she created based off of her real-world appearance. Episodes cover various topics relating to VR including general virtual reality knowledge, philosophy, technological implications, how VR works and much more. Episodes sometimes feature guests who are specialized in certain fields relating to VR. PHIA conducts interviews with guests within VRChat.


PHIA's passion for virtual reality originated upon receiving her first headset, an Oculus Rift S, on Christmas Day of 2019. Using the headset for the first time changed her perception of reality forever, sparking an obsession with all things virtual.

On February 15th, 2020, PHIA came up with the idea of TVRS during her drive to her college classes. The rest of the day was spent scripting, recording, editing, and creating "The Virtual Reality Show" YouTube channel. The first episode was uploaded to the channel a little past midnight, marking February 16 as the upload date of the first TVRS episode.

The channel had humble beginnings, hitting 100 subscribers on February 27, 2020. However, it saw a major increase in when on March 18, 2020, the EDM artist Porter Robinson posted "meeting a very inspiring fan of mine in VR" to all major social media platforms. PHIA had helped Porter Robinson set up a custom avatar in VRChat as a means of helping him interact with fans after the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of many of his live performances.

TVRS saw another major surge in growth when on June 22, 2020, PHIA was featured in an interview with the virtual reality channel Disrupt. Many followers of Disrupt would subscribe to PHIA's channel resulting in the 10,000 subscriber milestone being achieved on June 25, 2020.

Eventually, PHIA would upgrade her virtual reality headset from an Oculus Rift S to a Valve Index on June 30, 2020. She had ordered the Valve Index on April 13 meaning she had waited several weeks. The Valve Index is currently experiencing logistical issues when it comes to shipping, but once PHIA obtained the new headset, the quality of her streams and movement tracking saw a significant increase.

TVRS continues to show healthy growth with a Discord server with over 2,000 members and more than 30,000 subscribers on YouTube as of August 2020.

On March 25, 2021, The Virtual Reality Show YouTube Channel was rebranded as "PHIA" to better communicate PHIA's intent towards more diverse content beyond TVRS itself. This was announced with the video The Virtual Reality Show is over. which detailed her future plans.


The primary social outlets that community of The Virtual Reality Show makes use of are the PHIA Discord server and PHIAbunny Twitch channel.


Main article: PHIA Discord server

The PHIA Discord server is a place where users can chat with one another across multiple text and voice channels. Different channels are specialized for different discussion topics which include general discussion as well as getting assistance with setting up a VR headset or becoming a vtuber.


Main article: PHIAbunny Twitch channel

The PHIAbunny Twitch channel is where PHIA conducts her livestreams. Users who are watching her live can chat with her or with others. PHIA streams a variety of content from VRChat, community games like Jackbox Party Pack or creating content with VRoid Studio.


Main article: Patreon

There is also a Patreon page for The Virtual Reality Show which can be found here. Patreon supporters get a wide variety of benefits depending on which tier they subscribe to. One of the benefits is a meetup for Patreons supporters where attendees get to meet PHIA, the TVRS moderators and other members of the community.

You can use this tool to track the date of the next Patreon meetup.


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Main staff

The main staff are directly involved in the production of videos for the YouTube channel.

  • PHIA - Host, Writer, Editing
  • Lumi - Art direction

Support staff

The support staff maintains supplemental projects to TVRS.


Main article: Moderator

The moderators are volunteers who help answer questions about TVRS as well as maintain civility in both the PHIA Discord server and the PHIAbunny Twitch channel.


Guests are individuals that were interviewed for TVRS.

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Main episodes

  1. Projekt Melody (Virtual CamGirl?!)
  2. Reaching Eternal Life
  3. What is Hololive?
  4. The History of Oculus
  5. The Future of Fashion is Virtual! (Chloma)
  6. Creating Worlds in VR
  7. Experience Studio Ghibli in VR
  8. Is Your Online Avatar the Real You?
  9. Which VR headset is best in 2020?
  10. How VRChat can be Therapy for Social Anxiety
  11. How people 'DO IT' in VRChat!? (ERP)
  12. Vtubers: The 2 Sides of Self Discovery
  13. Impossible Geometry will change VR forever
  14. How to be a Virtual Youtuber! Complete 2020 Guide
  15. How to FEEL TOUCH in VR (no haptics)
  16. OCULUS RIFT S vs VALVE INDEX : Is it Worth the Upgrade?
  17. Psychedelics & VR: Layers of Reality
  18. Pokémon in VR is OFFICIALLY Here!! (BE FAST: it's limited time)
  19. FACEBOOK IS TAKING OVER VR!! Should you still buy an Oculus...?
  20. VR Avatars Help Multiple Personality Disorder (DID)
  21. This headset is about to change VR forever
  22. The Future of VR: Neuralink = Full Dive? (ft. Virtual Dreamers)
  23. OCULUS QUEST 2 vs VALVE INDEX: Should You Start Small or Dive All in?
  24. What is VR? An Introduction to Virtual Reality
  25. VR Buying Guide - Holiday 2020: Best VR Headset for You!
  26. You can go to ACTUAL school in VR! The future is here!
  27. Is the Future of Virtual Reality Finally Here?
  28. I went to a VR music festival... here's what happened.
  29. Apple's new VR HEADSET!!! (and it's coming sooner than you think!)
  30. What is XR?
  31. The Virtual Reality DATING Show
  32. Affordable Full Body Tracking for VR is here!! Tundra Tracker
  33. This device brings REAL human connection to VR.
  34. 2 NEW HTC Vive VR headsets are HERE!!
  35. "This Avatar is the Real Me"
  36. Full-body VR dancers are INSANE!
  37. The "Exotic" Dancers of VRChat
  38. Is VR the best SPACE simulation?
  39. Is it OK to sleep in VR ???
  40. CHEAPEST FULL BODY TRACKING YET (no basestations needed) SlimeVR Review
  41. I went to a VRChat WEDDING!! Here's what happened...
  42. I tried 'VIVE FLOW' VR... Glasses?! Everything YOU should know.
  43. WHAT THE HECK!? AR Glasses BLEW MY MIND!! (Nreal Light)
  44. The BEST VR Full Body Tracking is also Affordable!! (Tundra Tracker)
  45. I tried the CRAZIEST VR tech coming in 2022!!

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Twitch moments

Virtual vlogs

Virtual Frontier



For inquiries regarding TVRS as well as video suggestions, the best way to reach out is to send an e-mail to Generic questions and troubleshooting can usually be handled directly in the Discord server by moderators and other community members.

Any questions about the wiki should be directed towards Krayfishkarl respectively. He can be pinged via Discord or discussed in the dedicated #wiki-chat channel.

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