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Version 1.0 - September 30, 2020

Welcome to The Virtual Reality Show. By using this site and engaging in material related to The Virtual Reality Show, you agree to the following terms of service.


  • TVRS - The abbreviation of The Virtual Reality Show, the intellectual property
  • PHIA - The name used by Sophia Bollinger, host of The Virtual Reality Show
  • Platform - All TVRS social media including but not limited to the Discord server, Twitch stream, reddit, and the TVRS Wiki
  • User - A user is someone who follows TVRS content
  • PHIA model - The depiction of Sophia “PHIA” Bollinger as she appears in TVRS.
  • Chloma - A clothing company from which TVRS derives the appearance of several PHIA models
  • Elgato - A brand of technology products


We reserve the right to modify these terms of use as we see fit. It is your responsibility to check this page to review any changes that have been made.

By using the Platform, you agree that you are at least age 13, and acknowledge that TVRS is not intended for anyone under the age of 13.

User Conduct

You agree to follow the rules of TVRS and any future updates to the rules. You must also comply with the rules of each social media platform used by TVRS - both the overall terms of use of the platforms as well as the local rules established by TVRS. In addition, you agree to not use the Platform to do the following:

  • Abuse or threaten other users
  • Post content that promotes any form of discrimination or anything that encourages criminal conduct
  • Post pornographic writings or images
  • Post illegal or unauthorized content
  • Violate laws in your jurisdiction, including but not limited to copyright laws
  • Unsolicited advertising of businesses

Use of TVRS material

TVRS is based in the United States of America and therefore falls under United States laws. The intellectual property of TVRS is held by Sophia Bollinger.

Any depictions of TVRS beyond the Platform must either comply with the fair use law or have received direct written permission.

TVRS material includes the following:

  • Video footage from the TVRS YouTube channel or the Twitch channel
  • Images or depictions of the PHIA model
  • Official artwork such as the TVRS logo, video thumbnails and emotes

Fan productions that fall under fair use (i.e. parody, criticism, commentary) do not require written permission, but it is highly encouraged to credit PHIA in the form of providing a URL to the TVRS YouTube channel.

You may not use TVRS material for means of business promotion without direct written permission. You may not use TVRS material in a pornographic context or any adult media. Violations are subject to a cease and desist order.

Other Branding Uses

TVRS uses the Chloma brand, but is not sponsored by Chloma. Use of TVRS material that depicts the Chloma brand must also comply with the terms of service established by Chloma.

TVRS is sponsored by Elgato. Use of TVRS material that depicts the Elgato brand must comply with Elgato’s terms of use.

Other Terms and Conditions

These terms of use as well all other site policies completely replace any prior agreements between you and TVRS.

If any part of this agreement is deemed invalid, then the rest of it remains valid and enforceable to full effect.