The Future of Fashion is Virtual! (Chloma)

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The Future of Fashion is Virtual! (Chloma)
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Date March 30, 2020
Duration 7:47
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The Future of Fashion is Virtual! (Chloma) is the fifth episode of The Virtual Reality Show. This episode talks about the Japanese high-fashion clothing brand, Chloma, and their goal of blurring the line between the real and virtual world.


Video Description

Finally back with some regular episodes of TVRS!! This time with a cute little PHIA intro and a logo for the show!!! WOOHOO!! Anyone who knows me knows that I L-O-V-E Chloma with all my heart so this episode is directly dedicated to explaining why Chloma is important (spoiler: there’s lots of amazing reasons (double spoiler: Porter fans should be interested in this episode)). If I somehow convinced you to splurge your Yen, then take a look at the links below. Also, I’m about to start filming episodes with guests for the show! If you’re involved in VR and are interested in being on a future episode, then send me an email (listed below) so we can discuss that further! And thanks everyone for your kind words and continued support. 3.4k subs as of right now which is NUTS! I’m so thankful for all of you!


PHIA: Hello, and welcome back to The Virtual Reality Show, (laughs) where we talk about any and all things related to virtual reality... inside of virtual reality! (laughs) I'm your host, PHIA. Today, I wanted to talk about my favorite clothing brand, Chloma. You've probably seen me wearing Chloma in my past videos, and, if you follow my Instagram, you've seen me wearing it in the so-called "real world" as well. In fact, I'm wearing my Y2K ANORAK from Chloma right now, which is my all-time favorite piece of clothing in the whole world! I wanna talk about what makes the brand so special. It's more than "cool cyber-clothes", there's an entire vision of the future for fashion right here, which justifies the hefty price tag. You're paying for more than just clout like you would be purchasing, uh, something from Supreme or Gucci. This high-fashion brand gives you eternal cyber-clout, and lots to think about.

The brand was started by Junya Suzuki under his name in 2009. In 2011, Reiko Sakuma joined in and the brand's name was shifted to Chloma to reflect this change. Both members studied at Esmod Tokyo, a fashion school in Tokyo. Keisuke Nagami, creator of the brand HATRA, also studied at Esmod, and the two brands were stocked alongside each other at a fashion store in Tokyo called Candy. Hachi, creator of the clothing brand BALMUNG, was also stocked at the store, and the three brands picked up a friendly rivalry with one another that has extended until present times.

One of the guiding themes of this otaku fashion brand is blurring the line between the real and digital world. Their Spring-Summer 2016 collection was a collaboration with contemporary artists Kazuki Umezawa and Tokiya Sakba. The (cut) website quotes Suzuki as saying "We describe people who exist between second-dimension(world in display) and third dimension(real world)." I managed to get my hands on a used item in this collection during my time in Tokyo, and I'm just blown away by the artistic vision here, connecting the two worlds we so often define as "separate".

Chloma partnered with STYLY in 2017, bringing this vision to life. STYLY is a VR creative platform that allows artists to create showrooms, where they can display art through virtual and mixed reality. Customers could strap on a head-mounted display and view the new Chloma collection, straight from home, again, finding art inside of this blurred line of real and virtual. Chloma used virtual platforms to showcase their clothes for real people but, in April 2019, Chloma partnered with Pixiv, in their VRoid WEAR Chloma collaboration, bringing the clothes to life on the bodies of digital avatars. VRoid is a character creation studio and is, in fact, the one that I use to create my character models, like PHIA. A digital download of the black version of the Y2K ANORAK was included with the now sold out real Y2K ANORAK.

Obviously, Chloma has had a vision of how we can begin to use fashion to better represent our "virtual selves", which, in turn, was a big factor of inspiration on Porter Robinson's "Virtual Self" project, as he was researching it in late 2016. The SS '16 line previously mentioned, was a big inspiration for Porter, and you can see the similarities very easily. In turn, Junya Suzuki was also very inspired by Porter's work when creating the Chloma's 2018 collection. Chloma has even put out a so-called "Shelter Coat", who's name was inspired by the themes found in the hit song by Porter and Madeon. The two were drawn to each other's design work, and Porter reached out to create the Virtual Self Chloma collaboration. This collaboration was officially announced in early 2020, with an extremely limited number of items being made. Some fans were really upset by this collab, calling it "overpriced merch", but the prices of these items are pretty standard, if not, lower than normal for high Japanese fashion.

Besides having the coolest designs ever, and incredible goals for interlinking fashion and VR, I love Chloma because it's a brand that genuinely cares about its customers. Last fall, I was obsessed with the pale blue Y2K ANORAK design, I can't even describe how, when I saw it for the first time, I felt like it was made for me. I tried to shake it out of my head, but I would return to the Chloma site multiple times a week, just to look at it over and over and over again. I wanted to buy it, but the hefty price tag was not agreeing with my wallet. I scrambled ways to save up enough money to somehow buy the jacket, but, as soon as I was ready to purchase it, it sold out. My heart sank, because I wasn't sure I would ever have the chance to get the jacket again, and I knew it was something I would always look back on with regret over not getting. So, I sent an email to Chloma, asking if it would ever come back in stock, because I had been really looking forward to purchasing one. Junya responded quickly, and opened me up a special webpage, titled "PHIA only", promising to make one extra for me, so that I would have the chance to get one! This really moved me, and I full-heatedly believe that buying this ANORAK was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Junya runs the Chloma social media accounts and actively reposts customer's photos, fanart, and tags that features the brand's designs. He is so genuinely kind and excited that westerners are beginning to also take interest in his cherished brand, and it is so cool as a customer to feel cared about when those blue little heart comments appear underneath your picture.

This video is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. I just really genuinely love this brand with all my heart, and this channel wouldn't even exist if I hadn't found out about VRoid from Chloma's collaboration with them. If you love fashion and VR, then this really is the brand for you. It's handmade, sustainable and full of love. I truly cannot recommend them enough, and now is the perfect time to be taking a look at this brand. The new 2020-2021 collection was just showcased this week, titled "Cellular". It pulls themes of division, unity and networking together, which are all related to the virus problem we're going through right now. My friend Meek even contributed to the quote-unquote Lifeform designs, which are truly spectacular, and take fashion to a whole new level.

I hope that you will consider supporting this brand, and its vision of the fashion for virtual reality. The fashion of the future! I hope you enjoyed this week's episode. If you do purchase some Chloma clothes for your virtual avatar, watch my tutorials for Virtual Cast, where I show you how to get into Vtubing, or just explore what it means to become one with your virtual self. Also, please look forward to the next episodes, as I have some surprise guests lined up for the future episodes. If you wanna talk more about Chloma or other topics related to virtual reality, then go ahead and join my Discord, link in the description. If you wanna support The Virtual Reality Show, then please consider donating or subscribing to my Patreon. I have the daunting goal of purchasing a Valve Index, and require a better PC, since mine is currently running minimum specs for VR. If you enjoyed this video, then please subscribe to The Virtual Reality Show channel, and give this video a big thumbs up! I've been your host, PHIA, and I'll see you on next week's episode! Bye!~


  • The title of this episode used to be "The Future of Fashion is Virtual! (Chloma) - THE VIRTUAL REALITY SHOW [005]".