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"I like cheese!"
―The notification sound for a submitted Treaststream

TreatStream is a feature that allows viewers to send PHIA food during a Twitch stream. When an order is placed, a restaurant nearby will deliver the meal to PHIA. TreatStream has also been used for comedic effect.


The first person to use TreatStream for PHIA's stream was Babylonian. He sent her beans.

ASMR jumpscare

During an ASMR stream, Krayfishkarl sent PHIA some beans. Notifications were supposed to be turned off in order to make sure the stream was as quiet and soothing as possible. However, the notification sound for TreatStream was not turned off, thus causing the sound to play at a sudden high volume - scaring both PHIA and the viewers. The clip of this occurrence is one of the most viewed Twitch clips on PHIA's channel.

DewTek shenanigans

"You sound like my grandparents, DewTek. They always say that. 'We gotta put some meat on those bones'."

DewTek would also repeatedly send pizza and other large meals as a means of bombarding PHIA with large quantities of food supposedly to make her fat. In response to being sent so much food, PHIA jokingly claimed she was going to beat him up for overfeeding her. The conflict was resolved when the two of them had a lightsaber duel in a VRChat world modeled after the Naboo facility in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

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