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The full Vive Pro kit.
"The better option is the Vive Pro, which comes with those external sensors and a top of the line VR immersive experience. There is even a wireless adapter available for purchase to give you that same satisfaction of the Oculus Quest being completely wireless."

The Vive Pro is HTC's second VR headset released in 2017 for 799 for the HMD, 1099 for the starter kit with 2 1.0 Base Stations and 2 1.0 Vive Wands, and 1299 for the full kit with 2 2.0 Base Stations and 2 2.0 Vive Wands. These bundles were however discontinued in the United States in favor of the new Vive Cosmos lineup.


The Vive Pro runs dual diagonal AMOLED screens with a resolution of 1440x1600 running at 90hz with a FOV of 110 degrees. It also features a mechanical IPD adjustment that fits a range of around 60-73mm. The headphones on the headset feature 3D spatial audio which can also be removed and be used with standard headphones, Similar to the Oculus Rift's user-removable headphones. The Vive Pro also supports HTC's Vive Wireless Adapter.

Tracking and Controllers

The Vive Pro supports both 1.0 and 2.0 SteamVR Base Stations. This means that the Vive Pro can be upgraded to the Valve Index controllers instead of the Vive Wands.


At launch, the Vive Pro was released at 799 for the headset only. Which angered the VR community due to the first vive being at the same price and the vive pro NOT have a base station+controller bundle. HTC did end up releasing a starter and full Vive Pro kit.