Voyager (feat. PHIA)

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Voyager (feat. PHIA)
Composer Neptune

"One day, PHIA will be a virtual idol too! (laughs) If you want to hear the song I collaborated with my good friend Neptune on, then please check out my vocals on his song, Voyager. It's about falling in love over VR, which is quite relevant to the show. Your support means so much to me."

Voyager (feat. PHIA) is an EDM music track created by the artist Neptune. It features PHIA on the vocals. The song is about the wonders of virtual reality.



I never dreamed this would be

The place where I would lose myself

In your words

Well maybe I will see

Although I can't feel your touch

I feel like it's so much

Looking into

Your virtual eyes

I wanna be in this place

Where nothing is impossible

Staring out

The windows into space

I wanna be here with you

I hope you feel the same

Open your eyes

Feel something new


I wanna see you again

Log me out of reality

Lead me there

That place beside the sea

I wanna leave it behind

And stay here in these worlds

Help me escape

What's in my mind

I want to be there with you

Without all this technology

Keeping me

From feeling your sweet touch

I want to change all of this

But maybe I am blind

Maybe it's just

Not meant to be


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