Vtubers: The 2 Sides of Self Discovery

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Vtubers: The 2 Sides of Self Discovery
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Date June 8, 2020
Duration 22:27
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Vtubers: The 2 Sides of Self Discovery is the twelfth episode of The Virtual Reality Show covering the subject of vtubing. It features the special guest FoxyJoel.


Video description

Episode 12 of TVRS is a special interview between me and the incredible FoxyJoel! We are both Vtubers, but Joel’s approach is the complete opposite of mine. Join us in this episode where we talk about the beginnings of Vtubing, our identities as Vtubers, and advice for people just starting off on Twitch. Check out Joel’s socials below and give him a follow :D

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PHIA: Hey guys, and welcome back to The Virtual Reality Show where talk about any and all things related to virtual reality inside...virtual reality! (laughs) I'm your host, PHIA. Today, I have a very special guest here with me: FoxyJoel! And FoxyJoel is actually another fellow vtuber who I've seen a whole bunch of times. I love joining your streams, and you're honestly one of my favorites to watch, so I'm really excited to have you here today to talk about vtubing with me. So why don't you go ahead and, um, introduce yourself and talk a little bit about what you do?

FoxyJoel: Hello everybody! My name is FoxyJoel. I draw creepy cuties and/or haunting beauties aka monster girls. I'm mainly an art streamer, but I also do a couple of games here and now. Mainly though, I would say vtuber art streamer. Yes, hello! Hi everyone!

PHIA: So I wanted to go ahead and ask you, um, some questions so when did you kinda get intersted in vtubing. Like, how did that start for you?

FoxyJoel: So around, uh, maybe two years now, maybe a year or -ish ago, but I, uh, I met, I was in the art community. Obviously, I wasn't doing games back then. But I had a bunch of different friends, and there were, like, maybe two artists who're using, uh, different vtuber things. We didn't call it vtubing though. Um, everyone just used it as an avatar, as a mascot. Nobody called it vtubing. There was someone named Mystic Swordsman. And there was rosedoodle. And I got into it, because my friend rosedoodle is the one who told me how to do it.

PHIA: (giggles)

FoxyJoel: She's another YouTube and vtuber now I believe. But at the time, again, nobody really called it vtubing, and I think we were, I'm defined as a first gen vtuber like a boomer. And I really found out recently about that, and was not happy about being called a boomer.

PHIA: (giggles)

FoxyJoel: But, um, it's yeah. Basically, I just learned it from a friend, and from then on, I just kinda was doing it without knowing it was vtubing for around a year or so. Until recently, I started calling myself a vtuber.

PHIA: So that's really interesting that you didn't necessarily, like, make the conscious decision to be, like, "Oh I want to be a vtuber". Because I think, um, right now, in the way that like the trends are rising and stuff, people are seeing virtual Youtubers like, Kizuna AI and stuff, and being like, "Oh that's something I want to do!". But, you know contrary to what people believe, there's a whole line of people who are kinda doing, um, vtubing already without just really realizing it. So, it's really interesting to hear that-

FoxyJoel: Yeah, for a very long time. Yeah!

PHIA: Yeah, you've been doing it for a while.

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