Vtubers: The 2 Sides of Self Discovery

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Vtubers: The 2 Sides of Self Discovery
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TVRS Episode 12's Thumbnail
Date June 8, 2020
Duration 22:27
Previous episode How people 'DO IT' in VRChat!? (ERP)
Next episode Impossible Geometry will change VR forever
Link YouTube

Vtubers: The 2 Sides of Self Discovery is the twelfth episode of The Virtual Reality Show covering the subject of vtubing. It features the special guest FoxyJoel.


Video description

Episode 12 of TVRS is a special interview between me and the incredible FoxyJoel! We are both Vtubers, but Joel’s approach is the complete opposite of mine. Join us in this episode where we talk about the beginnings of Vtubing, our identities as Vtubers, and advice for people just starting off on Twitch. Check out Joel’s socials below and give him a follow :D


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