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Vtubing is the practice of producing content for YouTube and other video platforms with the use of a virtual avatar. A person who engages in vtubing is known as a vtuber. PHIA conducts The Virtual Reality Show via vtubing.


One of the earliest vtubers was Kizuna AI. Unlike most modern vtubers, Kizuna AI is a fictional character created as a team effort. Although Nozomi Kasuga provides the voice, Kizuna AI is a separate entity from her voice actress, a key difference among later vtubers.

FoxyJoel was among the earliest pioneers of vtubing to codify its modern day format and practice. Rather than playing a separate character, he uses his avatar to present his regular persona. According to an interview with PHIA, FoxyJoel did not use the term "vtubing" during his beginnings. The term would come into use externally by both fans and virtual reality enthusiasts alike.

Recommended videos

The Virtual Reality Show contains many helpful guides for those who wish to begin a vtubing career.

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