What is Hololive?

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What is Hololive?
TVRS Episode 3's thumbnail
Date March 2, 2020
Duration 5:45
Previous episode Reaching Eternal Life
Next episode The History of Oculus
Link YouTube
This article is about the TVRS episode. For the company, see Hololive.

What is Hololive? is the third episode of The Virtual Reality Show. This episode talks about the Japanese VTuber agency, Hololive, and the increasing interest of VTubers as a whole in the west.


Video Description

Hey everyone! I ended up getting sick this week but was able to still get episode three recorded somehow. Apologies as always for any janky moments with the model. I added in some facial expressions this time and upped the video quality a bit, so minor progress is being made!


PHIA: Hello, and welcome back to The Virtual Reality Show, where we talk about any and all things related to virtual reality... inside virtual reality! (laughs) I'm your host, PHIA! Last week, we had a nice philosophical talk about how eternal life may be possible in our near future. This week, I wanna talk about something a little light, which is... cute virtual YouTubers! (laughs)

Virtual YouTubers, or VTubers, have gained immense popularity in Japan over the past few years. Most of us can recognize the face of self-proclaimed first virtual YouTuber, Kizuna AI, but don't know much more about this phenomenon besides her. If you follow VR at all, or are even half a weeb, then you've probably at least heard the name 'Hololive' tossed around, but what exactly is Hololive? 「ホロライブプロダクション」(Hololive Production) is a branch of the company Cover Corp, that works as a talent agency for turning cute VTubers into superstar idols! VTubers would do all sorts of things like Twitch streaming, music production, gaming, dance videos, virtual reality shows, (coughs) but there is a high barrier of entry compared to doing these things as a regular content creator. You need a good character, good character design, extensive computer knowledge, a high power PC, the financial costs of tech and programs and way way more. A lot of technologies needed for full-body tracking aren't even available to the public without a company license.

The resources needed to have high production quality as a VTuber currently, are basically impossible without company support. But that's where Hololive swoops in to save all the distressed waifus! Hololive holds auditions where wannabe VTubers can apply to hopefully become one of those adored idols. Becoming a member of the Hololive team will subject you to the following luxuries as quoted from the Hololive official website, translated by Google Translator: "We have a popular illustrator design a special character that only you can use, and provide a Live2D model so that you can perform VTuber activities. In addition to renting an iPhone XR as a terminal for distribution, free of charge, we will support you to purchase a high-spec PC by crowdfunding as needed. We will provide official 3D models to those who have become popular, (50,000 YouTube subs or more) to support distribution in studios in Tokyo.

As we can see, Hololive is the dream for any VTuber who seeks eternal fame and glory. They provide users with all the resources they need, as well as exposure and a loyal fanbase. Some popular Hololivers that have popped up are: Minato Aqua, Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki, this is just a small example, as there's over two dozen members currently, and they're still holding auditions to add more. While most of the members create Live2D content, there are comedic skits that use 3D models, as well as professional music videos with some pretty incredible production. My favorite example of this being Virtual Diva AZKi, who is a music-specific VTuber that releases under Hololive's music label, Inokana (*Inonaka) Music. She streams live concerts on YouTube, and has some of the best music, character design and 3D modeling that I've seen.

Each Hololive girl has an adorably engaging personality, and it's safe to say that the VTuber community has grown because of what Hololive is doing. They even have a male equivalent now, known as Holostars that supports VTubing husbandos! What was unheard of, even a few years ago, is slowly finding its way into the mainstream as the fanbases for these VTubers grow and grow. Although this phenomena is based in Japan, their audience is rapidly spreading worldwide, as Hololive fan channels have sprouted up with the sole purpose of translating video clips into English. There's a growing interest in VTubing and in Hololive as a whole, that continues to blow up exponentially as we proceed further into this new decade.

It's exciting to watch the future unfold so quickly in front of our eyes. While making this video, I couldn't help but feel a little envious of the Hololive girls. One day, PHIA will be a virtual idol too! (laughs) If you want to hear the song I collaborated with my good friend Neptune on, then please check out my vocals on his song, Voyager. It's about falling in love over VR, which is quite relevant to the show. Your support means so much to me.

Well, that's gonna wrap up this video! I hope you learned a little bit about what exactly Hololive is, and if you already knew, go ahead and let me know which of the Hololive VTubers is your favorite and why. I'd love to hear all about your thoughts on what exactly makes VTubing special. If you'd like to continue this discussion or talk about any other topics related to VR, then please feel free to join my Discord, link in the description, and we can chat there! Also, consider watching the first episode of The Virtual Reality Show where I talk about Projekt Melody, the virtual camgirl who takes VTubing to a whole another level. If you enjoyed this video, then please please please subscribe and give this video a thumbs-up, because your support is what helps keep me going! Also, please consider donating to my PayPal or pledging to my Patreon, so that I can afford things like full-body tracking to make the show more enjoyable. Anyways, thanks for watching The Virtual Reality Show! (laughs) I've been your host, PHIA, and I'll see you on next weeks episode! Bye!~


  • The title of this episode used to be "What is Hololive? - THE VIRTUAL REALITY SHOW [003]".