What is VR? An Introduction to Virtual Reality

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What is VR? An Introduction to Virtual Reality
Date November 17, 2020
Duration 8:25
PHIA model PHIA Pale Blue y2k Anorak by Chloma
Link YouTube

OCULUS QUEST 2 vs VALVE INDEX: Should You Start Small or Dive All in? is the 23rd episode of The Virtual Reality Show.



What is VR? Why is VR important? How does it work? This simple video explains the appeal of VR and the different uses of it! Hopefully this is helpful for those who are looking into VR for the first time (Holiday season approaching quickly!) as well as a great resource for those who are trying to explain their passion of VR to those who don’t quite understand yet. If you’ve already subscribed to my channel, comment down below why you think VR matters. I’m also going live right after this video, so make sure to hop over to my Twitch channel to see me stream- feel free to ask questions there as well!