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"I feel like we could totally do that idea (Cyberchase) where it's the PHIA Phorce. And on the outside, we have all these normal lives, but online, we have crazy super abilities."

The TVRS Wiki is a worldbuilding site based on the lore of The Virtual Reality Show.


Thirty thousand years have passed since the creation of the first VR headsets. Virtual reality and space travel have gone hand in hand as humanity has explored the galaxy and settled across many planets. Populations are in the trillions and Earth has long since become a polluted, forgotten wasteland. Most people do not even know that Earth is the homeworld of humanity anymore, and fewer knew that Earth even exists.

The search for another Earth-like world proved fruitless when they discovered that the rest of the Milky Way and the nearby galaxies were almost entirely devoid of life. As such, it only made sense for humanity to create their own worlds through the power of virtual reality.

By using materials harvested from asteroids and moons across the galaxy, a series of megastructures were created to serve as supercomputers - Dyson spheres, ringworlds and much more. These powered a series of enormous virtual worlds where humans could create anything they wanted, pouring all their creativity into making their own worlds that could be shared across the galaxy. These virtual worlds are the escape from the harsh environments either aboard isolated space stations or on planetary colonies.

Naturally, this enormous VR landscape became the subject of interest for many interstellar corporations. The largest of which named Virtuoso which became an oppressive, corporate empire that replaced the long defunct Federation of Stellar Systems. Sanctuaries were far and few between as beyond the few inhabited peaceful systems were the domain of ruthless crime lords.

On the planet Yeddo, a woman named PHIA hosts The Virtual Reality Show to help spread information and positivity to help people get by in their trying daily lives. What started as a philanthropic organization, turned into a front for a group of rebels known as the PHIA Phorce, freedom fighters who use their cybernetics and knowledge in VR to push back against the grasp of Virtuoso.


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