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Virtuoso is a megacorporation with a wide-reaching influence over the galaxy. With their headquarters located on the ringworld of Zyphris, they serve as an unofficial galactic level government, taking over after the collapse of the Federation of Stellar Systems. The current CEO is Mirus Zygz.

Virtuoso desires to economically dominant the galaxy by standardizing all virtual reality technologies under its name. It does this supposedly in the name of offering universal personal convenience and safety.


Virtuoso's primary product is the sale of blockchain-based virtual real estate. As such, many of their purchases are for computational servers which can be used to mine for cryptocurrency. However, without any government powerful enough to regulate them, they have risen to become a monopoly. They have proceeded to buy smaller companies to facilitate their goals such as transportation, mining and even weapons development.

Virtuoso utilizes a paramilitary legion of AI's known as the V-Guard, advanced humanoid robots that were programmed to follow the company's interests as well as that of Zygz himself. The V-Guard serves as its main defense against the likes of pirates and other criminals, though Virtuoso is unafraid to use them against rival corporations.

Notable members and affiliates

  • Mirus Zygz - The CEO of Virtuoso. He is very charismatic and is good at playing the long game.
  • Benedict "Vexus" Crowley - A bounty hunter from the planet Salvaxes who is frequently hired by Virtuoso. He has a ruthless demeanor, known for using a special type of gun that can induce an excruciatingly painful sense of phantom touch.