Lucian Virtuoso

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"It's easier to take control of a planet when your subjects support you willingly. I will take a different path from that of my father and be a face of public good."
―Lucian Virtuoso

Lucian Virtuoso is the young CEO of the company that shares his family name. After assuming his role, he has almost never left his office on Torus, instead exploring the galaxy in a surrogate holographic body. His father Luthen was known for being incredibly ruthless, supplying weapons to all sides in the conflict known as the Virtual Wars. Lucian only took over as CEO after his father was murdered at the hands of a virtual reality death cult known as the Awakened.

Lucian seeks to improve the image of Virtuoso by making them out to be heroes in the Virtual Wars, taking the credit for resolving the conflict and bringing peace to the galaxy. He is incredibly ambitious and believes that Virtuoso is fated to exist not just for profit, but to also play a greater role in the next steps of human evolution. He genuinely believes that running Virtuoso as both a megacorporation and an all-encompassing galactic government is the key to bettering the lives of the galaxy's citizens.

Lucian is quite the enigmatic, charismatic figure. He has a way of words which make him out to be incredibly charming and likeable. It is not quite obvious whether he's friend or foe to the PHIA Phorce, but nevertheless, he certainly harbors a few skeletons in the closet which can make one skeptical to trust him.