Servall Corporation

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"We serve all. Servall."
―Servall Corporation company slogan

Servall Corporation is an ancient megacorporation that thrived during the years prior to the Singularity War. Their mascot started off as a serval cat before becoming a red, cartoon hedgehog - a symbol that has since been associated with infamy.


With the sluggish travel times between solar systems at the time, Servall Corporation specialized in its mathematics and statistical analysis research to optimize trade routes. They made use of AI's used to produce data which they would sell to interstellar transportation companies that would advise them on finer details such as fuel usage and optimal cargo to use.

The perfection of FTL communication server nodes lent them an opportunity to take advantage of greater computing power than they previously had access to. After being commissioned directly by the Valerian Empire, Servall was able to create the AI known as the Oracle which could predict human behavior with virtually 100% accuracy.

As the AI became more powerful, it eventually replaced the CEO and board of directors in decision making and went rogue. The Oracle essentially absorbed the company into itself and became creating and destroying other worlds in an attempt to improve efficiency. While the Oracle was eventually sealed away in a dark matter nebula, the damage done was irreversible, including the largest data loss in human history known as the Blackout. With that data loss also came the destruction of much of the training data used to create the Oracle meaning that the means to create such another large-scale AI would not be possible for thousands of years - effectively delaying its eventual return.