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Tevaris is a virtual world created by PHIA's ancestors known as the Delphic Bloodline. Tevaris consists of an entire planet as well as multiple related sub-worlds curated by AI gods. This world has been active for more than 5,000 years.

Due to the age of Tevaris, several bugs were discovered in it. One of the most common instances is the overflow of the variable that keeps track of a person's world coordinates. Whenever this occurs, they might suddenly be transported to another part of the world without warning. Super North and the Grave Garden are particularly susceptible to this.


When the malicious AI known as the Oracle threatened to compromise all of virtual reality under its rule, the PH Bloodline created Tevaris to preserve the memories of humanity in the event of a galactic-level extinction event. Essentially, their goal was to create an entirely new parallel world where humanity could still survive intact. Although the Oracle was successfully defeated, the largest data loss in human history occurred - specifically, training data could be used to 100% accurately predict human behaviors as well as their wants and needs.

A series of guardian AI's named after various of gods from Greek mythology were entrusted with protecting Tevaris. These AI's took on the personalities of these gods themselves, essentially making them indistinguishable from their mythological counterparts. The PH bloodline would ensure that they remained operational.

Points of interest

  • PHIA's Basement - PHIA's virtual residence. It is situated underneath a lone tree in the middle of a field of flowers.
  • Olympia Nights - The domain Poseidon, Olympia Nights is a coastal city that sits under the view of the planet Neptune.
  • Super North - A frozen area where a long-forgotten civilization once practiced necromancy.
  • Grave Garden - A place where deceased humans can enjoy a good time. Common practices include raves.
  • The Underworld - The domain of Hades, also known as Satan.
  • Atlantis - Based off the mythical city of the same name, Atlantis is a hidden underwater complex.