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The TVRS Wiki is home to an original setting inspired by "The Virtual Reality Show" (TVRS) created by PHIA. It takes place in the distant future where humanity communicates over thousands of lightyears through the use of virtual reality. TVRS Wiki encompasses the adventures of the PHIA Phorce as well as other lore and worldbuilding within the same universe.

TVRS Wiki stands for "The Virtual Reality Show Wiki". While this website started as a fan wiki of The Virtual Reality Show, it evolved into its own completely different project. While TVRS Wiki shares some of the staff of the official The Virtual Reality Show YouTube channel, it is considered a separate production under a different branding. PHIA has given her blessing to allow the use of the TVRS IP on this project.

Genre overview

TVRS Wiki is a hard science fiction setting though it takes several liberties to explore highly theoretical, far future concepts. Overs tens of thousands of years, humans have colonized the galaxy, settling thousands of planets. Faster than light travel remains highly expensive and difficult, so most humans communicate using an extensive virtual reality network that operates on superluminal communication technology. That is, humans can speak to one another from other star systems in real time. It is the innovations in virtual, augmented and mixed reality that drive society forward.

Humans are the only known civilized species in the galaxy. While extraterrestrials exist, most are simpler species such as plants, microbes and other life similar to Earth's Precambrian period. The lack of other advanced alien civilizations is what led humanity to not only terraform other planets, but to also create their own worlds in virtual reality. These worlds are powered by massive computational machines in deep space which provide the necessary processing power to make these worlds work.

Artificial intelligence has also come a long way in this universe. AI's not only rival, but supersede human intelligence, though some humans have cybernetically augmented themselves to keep up with the competition. Some of the procedurally generated virtual worlds have also given rise to virtual life forms - entire species that evolved within the metaverse through natural, Darwinian means.


Main article: Timeline
  • Pre-Federation Era - Relative to the present day, the Pre-Federation Era is considered ancient history. This was before the creation of the Federation of Stellar Systems, a galactic-level government.
  • Valerian Empire Era - Several thousand years ago, an ancient galactic empire was ruled by a seemingly perfect society until they were wiped out by a mysterious entity known as the Dark Oracle.
  • Federation Era - In its prime, the Federation of Stellar Systems laid the foundation for the countless FTL communication nodes that made virtual worlds possible on the scale they are.
  • Fall of the Federation Era - During an event known as the Virtual Wars, the Federation enters a civil war as colonies begin to secede from one another.
  • Virtuoso Era - With the Federation in ruins, the megacorporation Virtuoso takes the mantle of pseudo government. This is the present day.


  • Krayfishkarl - Lead writer of the setting, responsible for much of the worldbuilding and character concepts. He also hosts the TVRS Wiki website.
  • Fawkes - Provides input on the setting and will be responsible for producing the first entry of an extended media project which will be announced soon.
  • PHIA - Creative consultant, providing input on character and story direction. Created The Virtual Reality Show as well as the PHIA character.