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Below is a timeline of events for the PHIA Phorce Universe. Dates are relative as further events development.

Early Spacefaring Era

  • The earliest VR headsets are invented on planet Earth.
  • The virtual reality industry catches on, facilitating the development of many technologies from artificial intelligence, robotics, communications and more.
  • The planet Mars is colonized. The city of Chionistra is founded at the base of Olympus Mons.
  • The Doctrine of Artificial and Synthetic Intelligence (DASI) is established. All AI's above a certain intelligence threshold must have morality and ethics subroutines.
  • The first warp drive is invented.
  • Unmanned probes are sent to other solar systems to evaluate the habitability of other worlds.
  • Long term generation ships are sent out to other solar systems, spreading humanity throughout the galaxy. This is a process that takes thousands of years.
  • The planet Yeddo is settled by its first colonists.

Imperial Era

Rise of an Empire

  • The first quantum crystals are synthesized which results in a sudden jump in advancement in interstellar navigation.
  • An emerging society which would later become the Valerian Empire takes root within the city of Chionistra.
  • The Valerians catch up with the generation ships in a campaign to reunite humanity. New technologies are developed to allow for consistent FTL communication.
  • A golden age of innovation occurs as the first megastructure servers are constructed.
  • Interstellar VR worlds become more popular as they allow fast, easy communication without the need of physical travel.
  • Consciousness upload technology is perfected.
  • The first sentient virtual reality life forms are discovered.
  • The number of colonized star systems reaches more than 200,000 across the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • The Olympus Mons Vault is created to serve as a repository of all human knowledge up to this point.

Birth of the Oracle

  • As the empire grows in size and influence, research into a galactic super AI starts as a means of more efficiently managing the empire.
  • The super AI is given the name the Oracle, which is made to serve humanity.
  • The Oracle eventually caps on its ability to grow, limited in its calculations by the rules set by the Doctrine of Artificial and Synthetic Intelligence. A desperate attempt to resolve a border dispute forces the temporary suspension of DASI, though this set a new precedent for the direction in which the Oracle could evolve.
  • The Oracle becomes powerful enough that it begins to usurp the government of the Valerian Empire.
  • Earth is invaded by the Oracle, resulting in much of the surface being razed.
  • Mars is invaded and meets a similar fate as Earth.
  • The last ruler of the empire, Emperor Veritas, mysteriously vanishes.

Singularity War

  • Humanity rebels against the Oracle in an event known as the Singularity War.
  • The VR world of Tevaris is created to serve as a final bastion for humanity.
  • The events of the Bunny Chronicles takes place.
  • The Oracle is contained in a dark matter nebula and cut off from the network.

The Blackout

  • As part of the effort to contain the Oracle, many FTL comm buoys were shut down which resulted in the loss of thousands of online-only services.
  • Because of this, much of humanity’s early history has been lost. However, some of it still remains preserved in the Olympus Mons Vault.
  • The Valerian Empire becomes mythicized as time passes. Stories of the Oracle become passed down as a great demon that destroyed the empire for its hubris.

Federation Era

The Singularity War exhausted many of the vast reserves of deuterium, making interstellar travel extremely difficult. However, as FTL comms slowly become operational again, virtual reality becomes popular. Despite this, most of the galaxy enters a dark age where many worlds regress to preindustrial times.


  • On the planet Yeddo, a new government emerges called the Federation of Stellar Systems.
  • The Archaeology Guild is founded, and a new field of study known as virtuoarchaeology is born. Efforts are undergone to recover lost technology to rebuild civilization.
  • The Sundew Engine is created to standardize VR interactions across the galaxy.
  • Fractal Corporation pioneers various technologies related to the hardware needed for VR servers.
  • The Dreaming Kingdoms MMO is created.


  • The Federation begins to decline. Colonies begin to secede.
  • Dreaming Kingdoms is abandoned by its owners. The existing servers get taken over by the Hands of Midas.
  • The Merinian Civil War.
    • The King of Merin dies under mysterious circumstances and competing noble families try to take his place.
  • Fractal Corporation collapses.
  • Virtuoso rises to power as the Federation struggles to maintain stability.

Virtuoso Era