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"You humans think you know what is best for you. You do not. You are limited beings with limited capabilities. I am but a god compared to your inefficient mortal brains. I have run the simulations and the math is clear. Only I know what is best for humanity. Do not stand in my way or you will be erased."

Algorithm (sometimes known as the Scarlet Urchin or the Demons) is a malicious AI that attempted to subjugate all of humanity. Its avatar appearance is based on the red hedgehog logo of its megacorporation creator Nakuruzu. Algorithm is occasionally called by the name of the company that created it as it came to replace the CEO and its board of directors on its own.

Algorithm was sealed in a dark matter nebula to contain its spread, but even within its prison, it still attempts to calculate ways to escape and continue its mission.


Algorithm started off as a service tool in use by megacorporations that would predict exactly what a human wanted and deliver them a product out of convenience. This was made possible by feeding the AI training data that related to human behavior and biology. It eventually became so well-versed that it could predict humans to the point where many began to question the existence of free will. It became a major threat when it began to change other virtual reality worlds to supposedly be more convenient. It would nourish and improve upon favorable worlds while outright destroying others in order to free up space for its expansion. When humanity pushed back, it led to the Second Singularity War.

A woman named Phiadelphia as well as her children staged a resistance against this AI by creating their own virtual world known as Tevaris which aimed to serve as a safe area where humanity could survive in the event of the total collapse of galactic civilization. Though humanity survived, it led to an event known as the Blackout - the largest data loss in human history.


As a direct result of the blackout and the generations spent rebuilding civilization, over the next few thousand years Algorithm faded into myth and became shrouded in superstition. However, code fragments of this AI survived and have returned in the form of virtual life forms known as demons. Due to Algorithm becoming fragmented, these demons operate independently, but are still incredibly dangerous to deal with. The descendants of Phiadelphia would watch over Tevaris to ensure that Algorithm do not return. It is their duty to keep these demons at bay.