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There are multiple calendars used throughout the galaxy.

Yeddo calendar

The most common system used by humans. It is based on the rotation and revolution periods of Yeddo. One year on Yeddo is 360 Earth days and one Yeddo day is approximately 26 Earth hours. Months are based on the orbital period of Yeddo's moon Ezo which takes about 30 Earth days.

There are seven days of the week which are Onesday, Twosday, Tresday, Foursday, Pentsday, Seisday and Sevensday.

Years are measured by the number of revolutions since the Blackout which is currently 2023.

Torus calendar

The overwhelming majority of Torus citizens are androids and thus, have an ability to rely on on-the-fly mathematical calculations which are impossible for most humans. The Torus calendar is simply defined as the number of seconds since the launch of Mobius OS, the operating system that tracks the uploaded consciousnesses of Torusian citizens - built around 700 years ago. Torusians refer to seconds as ticks, appending prefixes to change their factor. A kilotick for example refers to 1000 seconds.

Merin calendar

Merin's calendar is based on the current ruling family of the planet.