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Torus is the name of a ringworld that encircles the class G star Lorem. With a radius of nearly 150 million kilometers, the ring was originally built 4,000 years ago as an artificial space habitat. The materials used for its construction were an asteroid belt as well as various strip-mined moons from the nearby ammonia cloud gas giant Donar. The ringworld's systems are locally powered by the Torus Cryptomines, a Dyson swarm around Lorem that provides all the facility's energy needs.

With an idyllic, artificial ecosystem, an atmosphere favorable for humans, and a rotational gravity of almost exactly 1.0 G, it is considered one of the most prestigious locations in the galaxy. It was once home to many high-ranking government officials and politicians of the Federation of Stellar Systems. However, with the collapse of the Federation, Virtuoso managed to acquire all property rights of the ringworld, turning it into its official corporate headquarters. The company relocated many of its assets from the planet Yeddo, effectively abandoning its former headquarters in favor of investing into Torus. The ringworld's elite now consists of Virtuoso's employees, executives, investors, shareholders and other affiliated groups.

Virtuoso holds a total monopoly over the ringworld, having forced out any competitors and having banned the founding of any upstart companies. Torus is heavily patrolled by the Virtus, Virtuoso's personal paramilitary forces where citizens live under a strict iron fist. Those who cannot pay off their debts are either exiled or sent into the cryptomines, areas of virtual reality where one's consciousness is used as computational power to mine for cryptocurrency. Despite these restrictions, Virtuoso strives to maintain a positive public appearance and through the use of propaganda, Virtuoso gets the overwhelming majority of the ringworld's citizens to voluntarily agree with their policies.