Mimi's Milkshakes

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Mimi's Milkshakes is a diner located in Port Oraulan, Yeddo. It is owned by Mimi Delphi, grandmother to PHIA Delphi.


The ongoing food shortage in Yeddo has forced many establishments to rely on matter synthesizers to provide sustenance. Mimi's Milkshakes has the unique distinction of serving milkshakes made with real ingredients imported from the Midori District, an series of Valerian aeroponics bays that after being abandoned, became part of the natural ecosystem.

The meals themselves, while they still use matter synthesized food, are compatible with VR programs that can simulate the tastes of recipes designed by Mimi herself.

The basement area of Mimi's Milkshakes serves as a bunker which during the Virtual Wars, served to protect others from orbital raids by the Insurgency. The bunker has since become the secret headquarters of the PHIA Phorce.