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The Insurgency was one of the main rebel factions that broke off from the Federation of Stellar Systems during the Virtual Wars. They were disappointed with the Federation's negligence as planetary colonies were suffering resource shortages and poorly maintained communications relays. The Insurgency made an attempt on the Magistrate's life in order to seize power for themselves.

They received funding from Virtuoso, who had in fact been playing both sides by also funding the Federation.


  • Proselyte - The Proselyte was once a scholar that studied under the Magistrate for the Federation. He is a powerful technomancer who can control AI's and other technology with his mind. He has a personal vendetta against the Magistrate himself.
  • General Kronos - The right hand of the Proselyte and the commander of the Insurgency's AI forces. He is a man that suffered a horrible workplace accident and had to be augmented with cybernetics to survive. He swears unyielding fealty to the Proselyte as he has him to thank for saving his life.