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Ghostie is a hive-minded companion to Bunny. Ghostie first appeared after Bunny performed a sacrifice to the god Poseidon. Ghostie does not speak aloud, but rather, communicates telepathically. As such, a person communicating with Ghostie may sound like they are talking to themselves.

Much of Ghostie's own history is unknown to themself, as their first appearance in the Metaverse was during a sacrificial ritual. Ghostie is a hive mind of countless voices of wayward souls. Unbeknownst to Ghostie, these souls are in fact the manifested memories of people that were alive in the previous universe. As such, while they possess a collective mind rather than an individual, they are one of the final legacies of a long-forgotten era - a living archive so to speak.

While they do possess the knowledge of all those people, they cannot actively recall their individual lives or any of the specifics, only the general morality and wisdom accumulated by these people. They are also known to make decisions and deliberate by taking votes with other members of the collective.

With rumors of the return of an ancient, powerful demon, Ghostie may play one of the most critical roles in stopping another cataclysm that could destroy the universe once more.