Archaeology Guild

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The Archaeology Guild is an organization that oversees and regulates the study of older virtual reality technologies and the worlds they produce. Over the thousands of years that humanity has spent colonizing the galaxy, many of the original virtual reality worlds they created to communicate over FTL distances have fallen into disuse. While many artifacts are valuable to collectors, the possibility of discovering forgotten technologies that could advance humanity in unpredictable ways makes it highly unpredictable. Some procedurally generated VR worlds may contain code and information which can impact the development of more modern technologies.

The Archaeology Guild deals with granting licenses to excavate and oversees the regulation on how legacy technologies are recovered. While they used to be part of the Federation of Stellar Systems, they have since become their own independent entity after their collapse. Multiple times, Virtuoso has attempted to absorb them though the Archaology Guild has managed to resist for quite some time.

The Archaeology Guild's headquarters are located on Fractal, the former homeworld of Fractal Corporation and pioneer of VR technologies during the Federation's prime.