Dreaming Kingdoms

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The Dreaming Kingdoms are a series of VR worlds from a defunct massive multiplayer online roleplaying game. Although its creators have abandoned it, the servers are still active and see its fair share of players. These servers are located on the moons of the gas giant Animus Prime, and the fictional world the MMO is set in is named after the planet. The players have been in VR and have gotten so deep into the roleplaying aspect that the majority of its players have forgotten that they were in VR until first contact was made by The Virtual Reality Show many years after it was abandoned.

Dreaming Kingdoms runs off a customized version of the Sundew Engine, meaning that it is compatible with general avatars of the Sundew Framework, but the world rules are highly customized. This means that any outsiders need to adapt to very specific rules made for the game. However, as a side effect, player combat abilities will actually work outside of the game in other VR worlds and even AR projections in the real world. Specially modified avatars that originated in the Dreaming Kingdoms have actually been used during the Virtual Wars.


The setting for the game is a medieval fantasy world filled with knights, castles, dragons and other mythical creatures. Players can take the role of many different classes and learn many different crafting skills. Basic activities include slaying monsters to gain experience points and treasure, trading with other players in an automated economy and building one's own settlements. Players willing to take risks can even participate in player versus player activity to obtain the loot from their fallen enemies. Due to the length of time players have spent in the game, some have even started families and genuine religions based on the in-game lore.

The primary currency used by players is known as Dreaming Kingdoms Gold. In the black market, this has a real-world value. Some players engage in illegal activities known as goldfarming where they sell the gold for real money. Others use non-sentient AI's to automatically control their avatars to perform repetitive, tedious tasks. Some players have started extortion rings by having players pay for protection while grinding for valuable resources in player versus player regions.