Red Crusaders Clan

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The Red Crusaders is one of the most powerful clans in the Dreaming Kingdoms. They are vigilantes that actively fight against cheaters. They have teamed up with the PHIA Phorce to help restore Dreaming Kingdoms back to its former glory all while fighting off against unsavory figures.


  • Drag0nNite443 - One of the top players of Dream Kingdoms who became so immersed that he forgot about the real world. He is the lader of the clan. His avatar is a medeival knight in crimson red armor with a large shield and a flaming sword.
  • Xx_DeathHunterKill3R_xX - Nicknamed Death Hunter, he has the avatar of an assassin wearing dark clothes though in reality, he is actually a teenage boy. Though edgy and annoying at times, he is good at what he does.
  • Hammer Queen - A young girl that wields a large hammer taller and larger than she is. She serves the role as a tank. Though she has a calm demeanor, she is considered very frightening when angered.
  • Level 20 Town Guard - Once a regular NPC in Dreaming Kingdoms, a bug caused him to acquire an intelligent personality that allowed him to deviate from his scripts. He is considered a textbook example of sapience randomly evolving among virtual life forms.