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Carbonia is a planet composed of a crust of diamonds while crystalline structures cover the surface. The planet's cities and architecture are naturally incorporated into its structures.

Carbonia is independent of the Federation of Stellar Systems and is instead run by the Gem Guild. Upon the refinement of specialized mining technology, Carbonia's wealth boomed overnight as its valuable minerals and other rare earth minerals became incredibly important in the construction of VR megastructure servers. However, this prosperity was short-lived as the planet quickly succumbed to the resource curse. Despite a wealth of resources, many native Carbonians ended up in poverty. Though the crystal cities still remain popular tourist destinations, many of the poorer populations live underground in abandoned mines, often taking a life of crime.

The Hands of Midas syndicate has its origins in Carbonia, forming as a means of creating revenue through the illegal trade of in-game currency from the Dreaming Kingdoms MMO. With the Hands of Midas forming connections with Virtuoso, the Gem Guild has since become one of Virtuoso' main economic rivals despite not directly competing in the same business.