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The Games Arena is a large coliseum located at the heart of Oralaun on Yeddo. On the outside, it appears as a gigantic sphere with dynamic electronic patterns that can display all sorts of images. The inside is an arena where anything from concerts from sporting events can be hosted. The inside of the sphere has similar dynamic electronic patterns for displaying any sort of image, and it also come equipped with augmented reality projectors, allowing anyone with a virtual reality headset to project themselves into the arena. Games are sponsored by Virtuoso where they take the opportunity to display all sorts of ads. Attendance to the Games Arena is completely free if the person is using a virtual headset though in-person tickets can get quite expensive.

One of the most popular sports are gladiator tournaments. Contestants that participate have to demonstrate their technological combat skills to incapacitate the opponent or force them to surrender. Deathmatches were previously banned though the ban was recently lifted after the advent of restoring a person from a consciousness backup. The displays of combat are often described as spectacular due to the wide array of weapons used - everything from nanobots to hardlight. Because of how dangerous these battles can be, any audience members have to sign a waiver that releases Virtuoso of responsibility should they get injured or killed during the fight's collateral.

These tournaments are also a gambling hotspot, hence Virtuoso's involvement. Patrons will make bets on who will win the tournament, and they will actively try to rig the outcome in their favor. In addition to their cryptomines, Virtuoso's sponsorship of the Games Arena helped contribute to their rise to power.