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Fractal is the fifth planet in the trinary star system Mandelbrot. Once a major capital of the Federation, it has since deteriorated into a frozen wasteland filled with junkyards and abandoned cities. Despite this, it serves as the headquarters of the Archaeology Guild as the planet itself is a major digsite of lost virtual reality technology. They work to uncover the mysteries left behind by Fractal Corporation, a major research firm that once existed in the prime of the Federation.

The planet is also inhabited by the Tech Nomads, hunter-gatherer scrappers that roam the planet. Thought to be descendants of Fractal employees, they are fiercely territorial of their claimed lands. The Archaeology Guild encourages explorers to exercise caution when approaching them.


The city was once covered by massive, interconnected planned cities and rivaled Yeddo in terms of raw economic power. During the Federation’s decline, they went defunct and had to liquidate their assets, but had difficulty transporting their assets offworld, leaving most of it abandoned.

The climate control facility of this planet malfunctioned causing it to freeze over and become covered in snow. While barely inhabited today, it still attracts the attention of many scrappers. Raw building materials are not the only thing salvaged. Old computers and even parts of computers which contain information, code snippets and files for lost VR worlds are common incentives to go exploring here.

Rumor has it that Fractal once jailbroke the Sundew Framework. However, when Fractal went out of business, they went out of their way to destroy all evidence that they ever did in order to protect the VR landscape. Thus, this legend invites many scavengers searching the ruins and databases perhaps in search of anything they may have missed.

Points of interest


The main spaceport where the Archaeology Guild has its main headquarters. The city is the most refurbished of all areas on the planet. Its color palette consists of white, silvery chrome.

Museum Ruins

The ruins of a museum that contains a history of various headsets and other virtual reality devices. It is difficult to enter due to it being submerged in snow.