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The Gem Guild is a large mining conglomerate that specializes in the refinement of rare earth minerals into parts for the megastructures needed to power the large scale virtual worlds. In some respects, whereas Virtuoso specializes in software, the Gem Guild specializes in hardware. The Gem Guild is not only headquartered but also the head of government for the planet Carbonia. They are also active contestants for the mining rights of the ancient Valerian forges on Rajada.

The Gem Guild, despite being highly profitable, led Carbonia into an economic ruin. This is because the Gem Guild, while being extremely prosperous, does not hire human laborers due to their workforce being completely automated with minimal oversight. This forced many Carbonians to partake in illegal activities to make a living - most notably, the black market sale of in-game currency for the Dreaming Kingdoms MMO. However, the Gem Guild has negotiated a deal with Virtuoso to assist in supplying free, yet basic entertainment to keep the citizens from rebelling. Because of this, the Gem Guild has a mutually beneficial rivalry with Virtuoso. Despite often getting into violent skirmishes with one another, both of them know that they need the other to survive. If the other is on the verge of bankruptcy, the other will actively assist the other to prevent them from collapsing.


Most of the Gem Guild's manual labor force consists of robots and diminutive extraterrestrials known as Mogus. Only high-level executives in the company are actually human. The robots they use have algorithms that prioritize maximizing profits over safety regulations and the preservation of life. The Mogus, while they do have more autonomy, will usually serve willingly as it is in their inherit nature to seek out a leader to guide them. According to the Gem Guild, the Mogus' ability to obey orders and make repairs towards malfunctioning robots make them far more reliable than humans.