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The Wow Signals are a band that plays in both the real world and in VR. They founded a virtual music festival which is hosted yearly at Oraulan Shores on Yeddo. They also regularly perform in The Virtual Reality Show studio.


  • Symphonaut - A cyborg DJ that appears as an astronaut. He talks with a vocal synthesizer, and no one knows what his face looks like, as he is always wearing a helmet.
  • Cerulean - Cerulean is the lead guitarist of the Wow Signals. He comes from the gas giant moon Urdinak, a place home to humans with blue skin.
  • Sawtooth - The bass guitarist. He is from the planet Loupa, home to a society where werewolf syndrome is extremely common.
  • Megaton - The drummer. He is a hefty built chrome-colored robot. Though he appears intimidating, he is very soft spoken.
  • Holojenn - The singer. Holojenn is an AI entity that appears as a crystalline humanoid.