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Rajada is a planet completely covered in lava. As a result of technological advances left behind by the Valerian Empire, the planet exists as a large-scale foundry where raw materials are melted down and forged into parts for megastructures. Rajada features a prominent ring system made of various space junk and debris, some of which is reforged as part of the megastructures. As the components are forged, they are sent up via space elevator where the final components are assembled in orbit.

Rajada does not have any permanent human populations due to its inhospitable terrain and toxic atmosphere. Because of this, the facilities are run almost entirely by AI's. However, it can be visited either with pressure suits or through AR hardlight projected individuals.

The planet has disputed ownership between Virtuoso and the Gem Guild. The two companies aggressively compete for mining rights, usually settling their disputes through extensive high stakes games in VR that may cost participants their lives.