Hands of Midas

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The Hands of Midas are a powerful syndicate that runs an illegal gambling ring in the Dreaming Kingdoms. They supply their stock of Dreaming Kingdoms gold through the use of goldfarmers, cheaters and hackers. The gold is then sold for real currency in the black market. A good amount of their members are actually Carbonians trying to make a living on their economically collapsed homeworld.

The Hands of Midas are very ruthless. They are known to attack people in the real world if anyone interferes with their operations. They want to get their hands on the Skeleton Key, an item that grants godmode.

They are also known to extort people who are just playing the game. For example, one of their activities include standing guard in front of a dungeon entrance where a powerful boss can be fought for experience and loot. They demand payment for players to enter.


  • King of Diamonds - A Carbonian and former employee of the Gem Guild. He uses an avatar that appears as a wealthy king. He has a very hedonistic outlook on life and genuinely believes that pleasure seeking and the thrill of winning big is what makes people happy.
  • Twin Sticks - Identical twins that serve as enforcers for the Hands of Midas. They are hired hitmen that are paid handsomely with Dreaming Kingdoms gold. Their avatars appear as a pair of highwaymen wearing tuxedos, black brim hats and sunglasses.
  • Frank1818 - One of the chief engineers that creates unintelligent bots, AI’s that control other avatars to farm for gold. He has an insane obsession over mathematics, statistics and efficiency. Having the avatar of a medieval alchemist, he is considered the most deranged and cruel of the Hands of Midas.


  • Virtuoso - The King of Diamonds and Virtuoso's CFO, Ezekial Hughes, are in regular contact. Virtuoso often uses Dreaming Kingdoms gold as a secondary currency.