Somnium Roleplay Group

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The Somnium Roleplay Group is based around the Dreaming Kingdoms game world area known as the Kingdom of Somnium. They have become so immersed that most of them don’t even realize they are in virtual reality and believe the world of Animus is actually the real world. This group is based around the starting zone, and travel to other areas is strictly forbidden.

A good number of roleplayers are actually AI’s that were generated within the simulation. Some players started families and had children, and the resulting NPCs became sentient.

The Red Crusaders Clan has willingly gone out of there way to protect them from any outside contact to preserve their fantasy. They are also vigilantes that defend against the Hands of Midas, who the members of the RP refer to as demons. The deeds of the Red Crusaders are often told in story book form to children.


  • Brand - A virtual life form born within the Dreaming Kingdoms. He is a farm boy with ambitious dreams of adventure.
  • Dark Lord Maladran - Though his appearance is that of an evil necromancer, in reality, he is a very polite person. He was originally a boss NPC that evolved sentience and deviated from his scripts to help the Red Crusaders Clan fight against the Hands of Midas.