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Angela "AngelHair" Harrison is a young woman and a fellow student at the University of Oraulan. She is an aspiring vtuber who looks up to PHIA as a role model. AngelHair spends most of her time streaming her adventures in the vrNet MMO Dreaming Kingdoms, a popular game based around various mythologies. She themes her online persona around different types of Italian cuisine (though no one is quite sure what the word "Italian" means), preferring to dress in yellows and reds. Her fascination with different kinds of pasta and bread extends well beyond her vtuber personality and into the real world. AngelHair fully embraces her own quirky personality though some may find her a little strange.

AngelHair grew up with military parents. Her father is a retired, wheelchair-bound soldier whom AngelHair wants to do everything she can to help. Her mother, who was a field medic, went MIA during the Virtual Wars. AngelHair found herself taking after her mother's example to pursue studies into becoming a nurse.

Despite her family's military background, AngelHair is terrified of weapons and wants nothing to do with them. AngelHair was only a young girl when the Virtual Wars first broke out. The violence spread to her childhood home located in a now cordoned off area known as the Condemned Zone. One might never have guessed she had such a traumatic background from her happy-go-lucky attitude.

Though she still has a long way to go in her academic career, she has picked up a wide variety of medical skills, mostly specializing in treating injuries caused by virtual reality headsets. She proclaims herself as the team healer, preferring to avoid conflict when possible and just making sure everyone around her is okay.