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The Mogus are an intelligent extraterrestrial species. Thought to have originated from the Pinwheel Galaxy, they arrived in the Milky Way in a generational ship. The Mogus in the galaxy are believed to have fled their home after the breakout of a virulent alien parasite that controlled its host's brain activities.

No records currently exist of any sustained contact between the Valerian Empire and the Mogus. It is unknown if either civilization influenced one another in technological development although ongoing conspiracies claim that the Mogus have been visiting the Sol system since at least the early twentieth century.


As their species is tens of millions of years older than humans, the Mogus' evolutionary history is unclear as next to nothing is known about the conditions of their homeworld. Having been spacefaring since dinosaurs walked the earth, the Mogus likely experienced long term Darwinian evolution while adapting intergalactic lifestyle. However, the Mogus are known to be able to breathe the same atmosphere as humans, potentially indicating that their world of origin is Earth-like. Despite this, they are almost always seen wearing spacesuits, likely to defend themselves against any airborne pathogens that they lack an immunity against.

However, successful autopsies have been run on deceased individuals. Mogus are stout, diminutive humanoids standing at no more than three feet tall while their children are even smaller. Compared to their bodies, their limbs are rather short with four stocky digits at each extremity. Their eyes and mouth are about 20% larger than humans.

Their bones are made of a spongey material described to be similar to cartilage. As such, despite their stocky appearance, they are extremely flexible and can squeeze into tight spaces too small for adult humans. Mogus are also known to be hermaphrodites and can spontaneously change their sex to suit the needs of the group. Once their eggs are fertilized, they split off via budding. Aside from a general difference in physical size between a child and adult, Mogus retain juvenile features their entire lives.

Mogus cannot eat the same food as humans as their amino acids use a D-configuration rather than an L-configuration. Their DNA also features a quadruple helix in greater quantities than seen in human DNA.


The Mogus language has not been fully deciphered. When spoken aloud, it sounds like almost intelligible high-pitched squeaks, some of which are beyond the human range of hearing. One particularly recognizable phrase is a rapid hissing sound which can be phonetically pronounced as "Huhsuss". The use of this word is done aggressively and repeatedly, thought to express either displeasure, suspicion or a combination of both.

However, the Mogus are much more effective at communicating via body language to humans. Like humans, they can make gestures with their hands and make facial expressions. They are known to be heavily amused by human attempts to speak their language, but as many Mogus can understand human languages just fine, it is often simpler to engage in bilingual dialogue.


Almost nothing is known of what Mogus society was like in their home galaxy as those that emerged from the generational ship quickly adapted to the nearest human colonies. Their origins naturally led to many of them being skilled engineers, being able to quickly learn complex, ancient technology. Many Mogus wander the galaxy looking for work. They are extremely willing to help others, and they will even deem someone their leader, swearing utter loyalty to them and following them around. Aside from regular sustenance, they refuse to accept any sort of payment. Mogus are incredibly obedient and will protect their leaders even if it means their own death.

It is not yet understood if this behavior is genetically hardcoded or if it's simply the culture they adopted. However, it is known that their brain structure is entirely different from humans with chambers and regions that have no direct analog to any other known Earth-based life form. What goes on inside of the mind of a Mogus is still a mystery as any sort of reliable technology capable of scanning their brains has yet to be developed. As such, this means it is not currently possible for a human to preserve a Mogus consciousness or for a Mogus to enter dream-based virtual world through normal means.

Among humans, Mogus adopt a variety of professions. Wealthy crime lords will often employ them as burglars and assassins while the Gem Guild uses them to maintain and oversee their robotic workforce. Though Mogus are willing to cooperate and work with humans, they still carry a negative reputation due to their frequent involvement in shady businesses and criminal activities.