Kristoph Langusten

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Count Kristoph Langusten is a young noble of House Langusten - one of the floating provinces of the water world of Merin. During the tail end of the Merinian Civil War, he began to see the war as a lost cause. He left his homeworld where he eventually began attending the University of Oraulan to study virtuoarchaeology. Through a chance encounter, he found himself joining the PHIA Phorce.


Kristoph is much taller than the average Merinian. Rumor has it that he's part Valerian though this is difficult to verify, as it would require information that existed before the Blackout. Kristoph's usual attire is a black long coat and a top hat. He wears a set of goggles with non-intrusively interface with his thoughts to allow him better control over his nanobots.


While he prefers to keep to himself and his studies, he is otherwise very polite and cordial towards others - exhibiting a calm gentlemanly demeanor at nearly all times.

Equipment and abilities

Kristoph's weapon of choice is a nanobot wand. By using the neural interface linked with his goggles, he's able to use the wand to command swarms of nanobots to take all sorts of shapes and levels of density. His ability to control them depends on his mental energy, as he has to actively think the different configurations for them to form. The goggles also translate over into virtual reality, where he has similar abilities.