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The University of Oraulan is a virtual reality-focused academic institution. Though it supports interstellar classes, its physical campus is located in the Oraulan Shores district of Yeddo.

Known fields of study

UO offers a variety of different fields of study. Some can be specialized in or mixed.

  • Virtual Reality - A general studies degree
  • Virtuoarchaeology - The study of recovering and restoring antique virtual reality media
  • Interstellar Communications Technology - The study of transmitting and optimizing data sent between planets and solar systems
  • Pre-Blackout History - The study of information from prior to the Blackout
  • Paloeotechnology - The study of lost technologies, particularly how lost, advanced technology could affect the present day.
  • Vtubing - The study of becoming a content creator or social media influencer.
  • Virtuopsychology - The study of how virtual reality impacts the human mind.
  • AI Psychology - The study of virtual life forms and other intelligent artificial intelligence.
  • Virtuobiology - The study of the Darwinian evolution of virtual life forms within virtual reality.


  • Sundew Programming - A course that focuses on programming in the Sundew Framework
  • Ancient Memes - A course part of the curriculum of Pre-Blackout History is the study of memetics. Ancient humans often communicated ideas with still series of images and text through social media platforms. With the original context of these images lost, many of the surviving memes are considered incomprehensible today. It is considered a valuable insight into human history in an attempt to understand the creation of memes.

Known students