PHIA Phorce

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The PHIA Phorce is a secret organization of freedom fighters dedicated to protecting other people in virtual reality. They use Mimi's Milkshakes as a front organization for funding their efforts.

Named after PHIA herself, the PHIA Phorce is a team of vigilantes dedicated to fighting crime and injustice. Ever since the galaxy descended into lawlessness with the fall of the Federation of Stellar Systems, they have primarily fought against a variety of unsavory figures such as pirates and crime lords. While they had previously stayed away from Virtuoso's overreaching grasp, violent encounters with the Virtus have forced them into asymmetrical warfare.

Known members

  • PHIA - The host of The Virtual Reality Show and the face of the PHIA Phorce. She keeps an eye on the galaxy's state of affairs and coordinates the team.
  • DYN-0 - A virtual life form that helps PHIA to channel her powers.
  • Magistrate - The former head of the Federation, the Magistrate went into hiding after the Insurgency made an attempt on his life. Though he remains elusive in the shadows, he is a mentor to PHIA.
  • Angela "AngelHair" Harrison - An aspiring Vtuber that works at the restaurant Seraph's on Yeddo. She joined the PHIA Phorce to protect her father and the family restaurant.
  • Count Kristoph Langusten - A native to the ocean world of Merin, Count Kristoph Langusten is an archaeologist practiced in the Sundew programming language.
  • Clover - An ex-bounty hunter augmented with cybernetic enhancements.
  • Bouncer - One of PHIA's personal bodyguards.
  • Lindon - A genetically engineered orangutan and former space pirate. After years of plundering treasure from the innocent, he turned a new leaf to dedicate himself to fighting crime instead.