PHIA Phorce

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The PHIA Phorce is a group of vigilantes dedicated to protecting others across virtual reality from those who might harm them. They use Mimi's Milkshakes as a base and as a means of providing funds.

Named after PHIA herself, the PHIA Phorce is a team of vigilantes dedicated to fighting crime and injustice. Ever since the galaxy descended into lawlessness with the fall of the Federation of Stellar Systems, they have primarily fought against a variety of unsavory figures such as pirates and crime lords. However, larger institutions such as Virtuoso may threaten them soon.

Known members

  • PHIA - The host of The Virtual Reality Show and the face of the PHIA Phorce. She keeps an eye on the galaxy's state of affairs and coordinates the team.
  • Mimi - PHIA's grandmother and owner of Mimi's Milkshakes.
  • DYN-0 - A server that works at Mimi's Milkshakes, DYN-0 is a loyal robot that strives to produce the best food and drink he can.
  • Angela "AngelHair" Harrison - An aspiring vtuber that strives to help and heal others, motivated by taking care of her father - a disabled veteran of the Virtual Wars.
  • Count Kristoph Langusten - A native to the ocean world of Merin, Count Kristoph Langusten is a private investigator that knows a little about hacking.
  • Clover - A bounty hunter android with a mysterious past.
  • Bouncer - One of PHIA's personal bodyguards.
  • Lindon - A genetically engineered orangutan and former space pirate. After years of plundering treasure from the innocent, he turned a new leaf to dedicate himself to fighting crime instead.